UVEG-Polibienestar belongs to the University of Valencia and is  specialized in research, innovation and social technology, technical advice and training in the field of public policies and social sciences. Its final mission is the improvement of welfare and quality of life of the society. UVEG-Polibienestar has a large network of European contacts in research and policy design at European level, such as the European Network of Social Authorities, the Council for European Studies, the European Connected Health Alliance or the European Local Inclusion & Social Action Network. In addition, UVEG-Polibienestar supports the Administration and private entities in the design, planning and implementation of social welfare policies and services.

Role: UVEG-Polibienestar has a vast experience in Welfare and Quality Life of Society and socio-health interventions and applied economy. EMC and UVEG-Polibienestar have a very complementary role, and they will boost their synergies for improving the project design and evaluation. UVEG-Polibienestar is the main responsible for the evaluation framework and the specific objective indicators.

Work Package Leader:  WP3.


Contact persons:

Prof Jorge Garcés. Jorge Garcés is Full Professor at the University of Valencia (Spain) and expert in Comparative Social Policy in Europe, with a particular focus on ageing, social innovation and efficiency and effectiveness of long-term care policies.


Barbara Branchini has a wide experience in project management at an international level. Within Polibienestar, she collaborates in research projects related to Assisted Living Technologies and health care strategies for frail patients, and cooperates in the elaboration and development of strategic and sectorial plans addressed by regional and local public authorities.