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The CDSMP has been successfully implemented at the Therapeutic and Educational Unit of the Correctional Facility of Asturias. Two workshops were organised by the trainers Sonia López Villar, Delia Peñacoba Maestre and Marta Pisano González, in collaboration with Carmen María González Fernández and Susana Muñoz Fernández, educators of the unit. These are some thoughts of the participants in the workshops:

“Although at the beginning I thought this course was not appropriate for my age, it is been a great surprise that I learned several things, such as making realistic plans, being able to carry out the things I set as an achievement, and moreover, being able to control myself if do not reach something. I think it was very well explained and it was very dynamic and enjoyable. It is been very nice to take part of this course, with great monitors and classmates.”

“After almost 3 years it has been the best workshop I have been given in prison: making us aware about positive attitudes to improve our health and showing us how to deal with personal things in life has been very positive. It has helped me to see life on another perspective and keep moving forward, not only in jail, but also for the day I leave this place. It is been very nice to meet you, and I hope that your workshops are as helpful for other as for me.”

“It has been 15 hours of peace, learning and self-knowledge, where you have taught us that small things we can be freer”.

The trainers would like to thank the staff of the Correctional Facility of Asturias, in particular, the Therapeutic and Educational Unit for their involvement and the efforts carried out to facilitate the implementation of the workshops.