The presentation of the EFFICHRONIC project took place in a national workshop that was held on March 3, 2017 in Oviedo, Asturias, just before the IV National Conference of Active Patients. More than 70 participants from different multidisciplinary areas including experts in the implementation of several intervention programmes, staff from social services, staff from patient associations and members, health managers, city council staff, etc., attended the event.



During the workshop, Marta González Pisano (SESPA), José Ramón Hevia Fernández (CSPA), Ángeles Álvarez González (FICYT) and Antonio Molejón Iglesias (General Director of Public Health of CSPA) presented the project, the methodology that will be used during the implementation, as well as the different tasks that will be carried out all over the project. Following the presentation, meetings between experts were held to discuss the best recruitment strategies for vulnerable and / or high-risk groups and the next steps to determine the evaluation framework of EFFICHRONIC.