The current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of addressing non-communicable diseases as the association between the two has created a true health crisis. The urgency of the current pandemic has increased as we discovered how two of the most widespread diseases in the world cardiovascular disease and obesity are risk factors for COVID-19 and increase its severity. Further to the success of our collaborative SCOPE School on obesity & CVD with the World Heart Federation, World Obesity explores here the links between the two diseases with COVID-19. The objectives of this webinar are to:

  • Enhance understanding of how COVID-19 is associated with both obesity and CVD
  • Learn how the current pandemic has impacted treatment of patients with CVD and obesity
  • Discuss case studies to gain deep and practical understanding of the links between COVID-19, CVD, and obesity.

Date and time

  • Date: 8th October 2020
  • Time: 13:00-14:00 BST

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