A consensus is emerging among researchers that up to 20% of current expenditure in modern health care systems can be categorised as either ineffective or wasteful. European governments seek to exploit opportunities to reconfigure resources within their national health systems to deliver better-value care, and to identify specific sources of inefficiency in healthcare practice.

The EU Expert Group on Health Systems Performance Assessment has published recently a report titled “Tools and methodologies to assess the efficiency of health care services in Europe: an overview of current approaches and opportunities for improvement” . This report – the fourth in the series by the Expert Group on HSPA – aims at supporting national health policy-makers in their ongoing efforts to improve their set of tools and methodologies to assess the efficiency of their health care systems, as a means to help them design more effective and evidence-based policy interventions.

Based on a summary of the main theoretical concepts related to health care efficiency and an overview of country experiences gathered via an internal survey, the report presents a selection of opportunities for European countries to improve their methods to assess the efficiency of health care services.

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