The EFFICHRONIC project was launched in the UK with a national conference and workshop in Birmingham on 28th April 2017.

Over 30 people from National Government, the Coalition for Collaborative Care, the NHS and Talking Health Taking Action were present for this exciting event. All were involved in the Stanford programme to some extent.

The project was described to everyone present by Graham Baker, QISMET Director and UK lead for EFFICHRONIC.

Many of the people there were providers of Stanford programmes and expressed their keenness to be involved in the project.

The project EFFICHRONIC focusses on providing programmes to vulnerable people. One of the key issues discussed during this meeting was the concept of ‘vulnerability’ and how this could be applied in a UK concept.

The end result of the conference was a network of people who will be supporting QISMET in providing the programmes and also giving advice and being involved in consultation.