The Regional Ministry of Health and The Public Health System of Asturias show the ongoing activities for targeting vulnerable population in the Observatory of Integrated Health Care Models of New Health Foundation.

In Asturias, different actions have been taken at local and regional level to maximize the number of participants in EFFICHRONIC by established collaborations between the coordination team and the Regional Ministry of Social Affairs, Primary Care Centers and the Association of Pharmacists of Asturias. First, a geographic analysis has been carried out based on existing and new actions at local level in different areas including the area of Oscos, Ventanielles (Oviedo), Arriondas, Mieres, Aviles, Pola de Laviana, etc. Also, 42 pharmacies, that represent 7 out of a total of 8 Asturian areas, Red Cross, The Asturian Romani Association, and the Residence of the Elderly of Montepio agreed on assisting the coordination team for recruiting the EFFICHRONIC population.

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