Quality Institute for Self-management Education and Training (QISMET) develops quality standards and manages certification processes for a range of self-management education and training services including the Stanford Self-management Programme. As part of this, it awards a Quality Mark to those organisations that meet the required standards that lasts for 3 years. It supports self-management education and training providers to build capacity and expertise for continuous improvement including evaluation and social return on investment. QISMET also promotes the involvement of people living with long-term conditions, professionals and organisations, in the development and implementation of self-management education and training.

Role: QISMET has a broad expertise in the field of Self-Management Education and Training. QISMET will lead the Dissemination activities supported by FICYT and all the partners, and will contribute to the stratification and multidimensional analysis. QISMET will also coordinate the implementation of the programme in the UK including its design, analysis and evaluation.

Work Package Leader:  WP2.


Contact Person:

Graham Baker. Director of QISMET, quality consultant and specialist in developing national quality standards and certification programmes, especially for long term condition management.