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Members of the consortium EFFICHRONIC will present the results obtained during the implementation at the International Conference on Integrated Care.
EFFICHRONIC implemented the Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme (CDSMP) in different regions of 5 European countries (France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and UK), in those groups of society that are most exposed to the negative effect of the social determinants of health. EFFICHRONIC uses the term vulnerable to refer to situations where the individual is not fully socially integrated and risks falling into social exclusion, either due to socio-economic hardship or because of stress for physical or psychological reasons (chronic conditions, being ill or disabled, the frail elderly or people suffering from mental health problems).

Intersectoral alliances with local and/or regional authorities, the healthcare system, social care organizations and civil society groups were generated at all EFFICHRONIC sites and joined strategies to recruit vulnerable people for the programme were developed. In each territory however, the specifics were determined by the geographical, institutional and administrative characteristics of each region. We are keen to share this rich project experience with integrated care colleagues at ICIC20.

Marta Pisano, PI of the project, An L D Boone and Choni Donate will present the topics:
• EFFICHRONIC overall project approach and general framework
• Project dissemination and communication
• Results of the implementation and Intersectoral recruitment strategies and participant profiles
• Internal project Quality Control, SWOT analysis of the used strategies and lessons learnt
• Main elements of Integrated Care in EFFICHRONIC