The Department of Public Health of the Erasmus University Medical Centre (EMC) is a top medical research institute in Europe and its research is conducted in close collaboration with local, national and international public health and health care organizations. This department is focused on two main programmes:

1) Determinants and primary prevention, that aims to better understand the social and physical determinants of population health and to develop effective primary preventive interventions that improve population health.

2) Secondary prevention and care, that aims to contribute to population health by evaluating the processes, effects, and cost-effectiveness of health care interventions.

Furthermore, research is embedded in The Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences research school, which is acknowledged and rated as excellent by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Role: EMC will work in close collaboration with UVEG to define, design and assess the results and the impact of EFFICHRONIC. Also, they will coordinate the implementation in the Netherlands.

Work Package Leader:  WP6.

Contact Persons:

PhD Hein Raat. He is professor and expert in E-health applications in community care for high risk groups. He also has a broad expertise in patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) that include patient perspective in health care innovations. He is actively engaged in exchanges between research, policy, and practice.


PhD Siok Swan Tan. She has a broad expertise in Health Economics and in conducting economic evaluations in a variety of medical areas.