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The results of this project applied in five European countries confirm the effectiveness of the new wellness model for chronic patients and their communities.
Almost 3,000 people from vulnerable groups already use the methodology Active Patient to improve their quality of life in complex environments.
People can take control of their health with information and simple tools to prevent diseases and disseminate good practices in their communities. This has been demonstrated by the Active Patient program in four selected groups strategically due to their socioeconomic and cultural conditions to be part of the project Effichronic.

This Asturian initiative supported by Europe encourages less dependence on health care by putting people and their communities as the protagonists of their development by practicing good habits to improve their life quality. Together in coordination with the Foundation for the Promotion in Asturias of Applied Scientific Research and Technology (FICYT), the Health Council and the Health Service of Asturias (SESPA) are leading a project whose objective is to verify the potential of the self- care programs in populations with less prominence in health policies: gypsy community, prison population, elderly and caregivers and immigrants.