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The Spanish Society of Public Health Care (SEAS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Asturias awarded Lourdes Ochoa de Retana and Estíbaliz Gamboa Morenos with the Research Prize “Francisco Garcés Roca” in the framework of the II Norbienestar Congress that was held on November 8th and 9th in Gijón.

The award was presented by Estrella Durá-Ferrandis on behalf of SEAS and Marta Pisano González (Ministry of Health of Asturias).

The project “Peer to peer: A self-care education project with the Roma community” coordinated by the Public Health System of the Basque Government, Osakidetza and different Romani associations has been awarded as the best project in this domain. This project aims to improve health of the Roma population through a standarized self-care programme given by trained Romani.

The content of EFFICHRONIC was shown in the Table 3 of the congress where other national and European projects were also presented.

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