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According to data from Eurostat, around 28 % of the European Union (EU) population aged 16 or over did not do any exercise outside working time in 2017. in contrast with the rest of the EU population, who undertook some form of sports, fitness or recreational activities in their leisure time.

In a typical week, just over one quarter (27 %) of the EU population exercised for up to 3 hours, 17 % for between 3 and 5 hours and 28 % for 5 hours or more.

In most EU Member States the majority of the population carried out some form of exercise in their leisure time, with the highest proportion in Romania (96 %) and Denmark (93 %). In contrast, there were two Member States where less than 50 % of the population were physically active outside work: Portugal (45 %) and Croatia (36 %).

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