WP1. Management      

D1.1. Report including risk assessment.

WP2. Dissemination    

D2.1. Communication resources (project materials and platforms to disseminate the project such as leaflets, flyers, brochures and project brand, project website, digital communication campaigns, dissemination plan, communication protocol system).

D2.2. Dissemination and communication activities report.

D2.3. Communication and dissemination evaluation report.

WP3. Project evaluation            

D3.1. Evaluation framework.

D3.2. Final evaluation.

WP4. Stratification       

D4.1. List of clinical and social variables, and MPI index.

D4.2. Ethics, methodologies and standards.

WP5. Implementation of the intervention       

D5.1. CDSMP Implementation plan.

WP6. Assessment and data analysis     

D6.1. Evaluation design and plan report.

D6.2. EFFICHRONIC evidence based results and health economic analysis report.

WP7. Guidelines and Policy Recommendations            

D7.1. Guidelines for Best Practices and Policy Recommendations.