Scientific Coordinators:

The General Directorate of Public Health (DGSP) of the Regional Government of Health in Asturias (CSPA) is responsible for the organization, management, implementation and evaluation of the competences of public health in Asturias. CSPA is in charge of the development and coordination of policies that are implemented by the administration of Asturias, and is the institution in charge of health promotion, and primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. CSPA has developed different programmes, including education programmes in school (school canteens, affective sexual education, positive parenting, oral health, etc.), health centers programmes (smoking cessation, breastfeeding, education and health promotion, etc.), community programmes (drug plan, local governance in health, community resource mapping, health inequalities, the Asturian Health Observatory, etc.), programmes of screening (e.g., breast cancer and colorectal cancer), boarding programmes for handicapped (visual and hearing impairments), environmental health and epidemiological surveillance programmes, etc.

CSPA has led the network of patient’s schools known as Health Programme for Active Patients in Asturias, where different programmes have complemented and reinforced community, professional and citizen networks created in the region for health prevention.

The Public Health Service of Asturias (SESPA) is the public institution responsible for health care in the Principality of Asturias since 2002. SESPA implements health activities and manages the health services of the Administration of the Principality of Asturias in order to protect and improve the health status of the Asturian population.

Workpackage leaders: WP5.

Role: CSPA and SESPA will implement the programmes for self-management of Health aimed at patients with a chronic condition in Asturias. CSPA and SESPA coordinate the stratification methodology, and the preparation, training and implementation of the intervention.


Jose Ramón Hevia Fernández. Head of the Service of Health Promotion and Community Participation at the General Direction of Public Health of the Principality of Asturias. E-mail:

PhD Marta Pisano GonzálezCoordinator of the School Patients and “Patient Active Programme” at the General Direction of Public Health of the Principality of Asturias.

Raquel Vázquez Álvarez. Master’s degree in Clinical Research in Primary Care and Master Trainer in the Chronic Diseases Self-Management Programme by the Stanford School of Medicine.

Delia Peñacoba Maestre.She is an expert in Communication and Health, and Master Trainer in Chronic Diseases Self-Management and Diabetes Self-Management Programmes by the Stanford School of Medicine.

An Boone. She is an expert in Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

Financial and Management Coordinator:

The Foundation for the Promotion of Applied Scientific Research in Asturias (FICYT) is a non-profit Foundation established in 1984. Its main objective is to support and promote activities related with applied scientific research that contribute to the development and improvement of the living conditions of the Asturian community. FICYT has a broad experience on managing European projects such as FRAILCLINIC (Third Health Programme), Nanoker (FP6), Galactea-Plus (CIP Programme), Clarin Cofund (FP7), etc.

The Unit of Health Projects of Asturias (UPS-Asturias) in FICYT has a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Health of the Principality of Asturias to manage the European projects granted to research groups at SESPA and CSPA.

Role: Management and financial coordinator of the project, and responsible for the activities related the communication and dissemination activities of EFFICHRONIC.

Workpackage leader: WP1


Contact information:

Unit of European Health Projects in Asturias
Cabo Noval St, 11 1°C
33007 Oviedo

Phone: +34 985 207434


Contact persons:

Inés Rey Hidalgo. Project Manager of FICYT .

Raquel Ochoa González. Project Manager of FICYT.